A Nigerian man has made restitution many years after pilfering sweets from a lady’s store

A Nigerian gentleman has melted hearts by making amends with a woman from whom he stole several years ago. He paid a visit to her shop and made a purchase before confessing to the woman about his past wrongdoing.

To top it off, he gifted her with a significant sum of money and expressed his gratitude for teaching him the value of honesty. This act of kindness was truly remarkable, as the man not only acknowledged his past mistake but also made a genuine effort to make things right.

The man, identified as Theo Ayomoh, presented the woman with a generous sum of N100k as a form of restitution for stealing her sweets when he was just eight years old.

He went on to admit that it wasn’t his first time stealing from her, but she happened to catch him that time.

Theo expressed his appreciation for the woman’s guidance and for not reporting him to his parents. The young man even knelt down to show his appreciation for the woman.

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