You can now sponsor a post on You can write the post to suit your taste or also employ us to do that for you but that will attract an extra charge.
The prices for sponsored post is negotiable via mail.

You can view our examples of a promotional and non-promotional sponsored posts.

We’d blast your sponsored contents to our over 250,000 social media followers and emails and they’ll be permanent on our blog.

Update: If you are looking to publish your biography or feature a profile, visit this page.

You can link back to your sales pages, websites, video channels, social media pages or any other places you like.
All sponsored posts will permanently be on our blog and we’d refresh them occasionally.
Additionally, all types of links and articles are accepted, except extreme adult posts and write-ups, as we respect our audience who might find them irritating and offensive.

If you are interested in other ad formats, please visit our Advertise Here page.

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