Social Media Marketing requires much more than having just surficial and peripheral knowledge on the intricate workings of the digital space. Much more than having just a strategy or plan, implementation must be apt and top class in order to effortlessly swoop in on ground breaking deals and secure your social media presence. Social Media Marketing tools are very critical to achieving and accomplishing marketing goals.

Generally speaking, everyone needs an up to date Social media marketing strategy, that is easily implementable, and has the ability to meet with the present flow in the digital space. In the light of the fore going, we offer you our comprehensive and easy to follow list of the C’sof Social Media Marketing

The 8 C’s of Social Media Marketing









1. Categorize:

Categorize the various social media platforms by how speedily and easily they can help you reach the target audience effectively. If you are able to master the strength of these online platforms and how strong their influence rests on the target audience, you are on your way to hitting it with a big bang.

2. Comprehend:

After the process of categorization has been fully implemented and cleared off the way, what follows next is the process of comprehension. This is in terms of understanding the manner of operation by which these Social media platforms runs. A break in the trend or pattern by which they operate as a body may have a telling effect on what you are about communicating. In a nutshell, you need to be educated on how these Social media platforms work, before you begin posting.

3. Converse: 

The target here is to build customer trust and relationship. So by which ever means of communicating value, honesty must be the deciding factor. It is all about getting along with your potential customers by creating interactive sessions, that answers their questions, or feedbacks in an appropriate manner, that consequently clears off every possible doubt in their heart towards you.

4. Collaborate:

The walk alone policy is never encouraged in social media marketing, you have got to reach out to interact and invest more in relationships that fast tracks your progress in Social media marketing.

5. Contribute:

Nobody, they say is an island of knowledge, with everyone’s quota of contribution, the whole can be helped. Contribution on your parts involves sharing your views and opinions on a subject of discuss or generally creating contents around a particular good or services, for the benefit of all.

6. Connect:

Never play down on the power of connecting with top influencers and old hands in the social media world. Attracting their presence by being a company, they‘ll always feel delighted promoting, can fast track and speed up your chances of excelling in the Social media marketing.

7. Community:

A community is a gathering of like minded individuals, created to produce a twoway dialogue format. In this case, you are tasked with creating a community that connects all participants and encourages information sharing. You are to invest more in this community, to ensure a lively atmosphere.

8. Convert :

All plans and strategies leads down here, there must be a means of getting actions to meet the expected results. The desired goals if increasing sales, ranking higher amongst search engines, and developing a customer friendly atmosphere is achieved when goal oriented actions are taken to convert that which has been conceived in the mind into reality.

With these Social media marketing strategies, carefully followed with actions tailored towards each step, the results that’d flow in non-stop, would be a testimonial to all who seek to set sail in social media Marketing.

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