Business management is such a uniquely structured career path, that requires an in-depth educational training to eventually emerge as a top Practitioner in the rather vast world of business management. Supposing you are an undergraduate aspirant hoping to choose from the numerous list of programs offered by your choice academic institution, or you seek a general overview of the world of business management, then most assuredly, you are in the right page and the Information disbursed in this article will be of immense benefit to you if you can only read till finish.
Definition of Business Management:
The core focus of Business Management revolves around these functions:


Directing and leading
 general organisation control
with that said, Business management is the organization and coordination of business activities.
 it entails the strategic manipulation and deployment of human, financial, natural, and technical resources to upgrade the running of a business company
 General Responsibility Of A Business  Manager
typically, the responsibility of a business manager cuts across the following:
1. overseeing company related operations
2. Reviewing contracts and helping employees hone and maximize their top productivity levels.

3. Supervision or training of new employees.

4. Mobilizing the needed workforce to execute a company’s project.

5. Providing assistance in planning certain events of the company.

6. A business manager facilitates a united effort towards achieving the company’s set goals and objectives.

7. Providing the needed motivation that boosts the morale of employees and providing the right synergy needed carry-out specific tasks in an effective manner.

Educational background and requirements

The journey to becoming a business manager, requires at least a mandatory four-year bachelor’s degree in either of administration, entrepreneurship, Financial Accounting, Introduction to Marketing, Personal Selling and Sales Management, and Fundamentals of Human Resources.

The demand for business management jobs is on a steady rise, as companies are looking to hiring individuals who can contribute their quota to assisting the numerous managerial roles available.

However, the greater chances of getting jobs in various managerial positions, requires an advanced certification of a higher degree other than bachelor’s degree. As one progresses in his career pursuit as a business manager it is expected that he obtains an MBA in management or accounting.

Necessary Skills Required to excel in business Management

Aside the educational background needed, there also should be a meticulous combination of high profile skills that complements the academic feat attained already. Such skills include:

▪️ People skill/ leadership skills

▪️ Effective communication skills in a business setting

▪️ Analyzing scenarios and drawing suitable conclusions

▪️ Effective team building and management skills

▪️ Executing the four functions of management: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling

▪️ Problem solving skills, using critical thinking skills to solve problems.

▪️ Quick and accurate decision making skills based on accepted business principles.

Business Management High paying Jobs

These outlined jobs and many more, are easily accessible when you have a certificate in any of the aforementioned business management career paths. Nonetheless their salaries and entitlements vary.

Management Trainee: A management trainee works under the watchful eyes of higher authorities to perform and accomplish certain task in record time.

Sales Representative: A Sales Representative’s job amongst many other things comprises of sale of goods and services, building customer relations, maintaining record of current customers and bringing new customers.

Marketing Executive: The marketing executive is in charge of putting up plans to increase the reach of goods and services which in turn boosts sales conversion. Basically, what they do most, includes performing tasks set by seniors, maintaining records, strategize and execution of marketing campaigns.

Manager: He seems to sit on the top most position leading and overseeing a team’s performance to increase company revenue. A business organisation hires Managers for each department to plan, execute and maintain day to day functioning of the entire company as well as optimizing their performance to meet already set targets in the time bracket given.

Assistant Manager: As can already be seen in the name, the job of an assistant manager, is to aid the Manager to carry out certain functions designated to his office.

Financial Analyst: They are the brains behind the investment and other financial statements of an individual or Company. Financial analyst explore and assess investment opportunities on behalf of an individual or a business enterprise.

Business Analyst: The job of conducting researches, spotting loop holes, and providing solutions to fill up those areas falls to the desk of a Business analyst. In most cases a business analyst acts as a business advisor of the stakeholder in helping him secure future projects.

Top Recruiters of Business Managers

In a nutshell, almost all business enterprises and Profitable organisations are recruiters of graduates of Business Management, but their services are highly sought after in these sectors: IT, Banking & Finance, Consultancy & Manufacturing etc.

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