A brief biography of Paul Washer.

Paul David Washer who was born on September 11th, 1961 is an American Protestant Christian, evangelist, preacher and missionary with a Calvinist theology, an affiliate of the Southern Baptist Convention.

He is married to Rosario Charo Washer and is blessed with 4 amazing children.

It was reported that Paul Washer while studying to become a lawyer in the oil and gas firm at the University of Texas located at Austin was converted to being a Christian. He then moved to Peru where he served as a missionary for 10 years.

While in Peru in the year 1998, Paul founded the HeartCry Missionary Society, an organisation with an aim to support missionaries who go out there to minister to people of same culture and in the year 2017, the organization has succeeded in supporting about 238 missionary families in 41 different countries of the world.

It has grown far beyond Latin America to have operations in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

In 2002, he preached a powerful sermon to about 5000 youths called the “shocking youth message” where he told them that many of them could end up in hell even those who confessed to be believers in our Lord Jesus.

The sermon whose video on YouTube clocked about 2 million views had him criticize strongly American Christianity which he said was more based on a godless culture than it is on the word of God.

Paul returned to the United States and lived in Radford, Virginia since the year 2010.There, he still continued as the missions director of the HeartCry organization.

In 2018 Washer appeared in the documentary American Gospel: Christ alone.

Also, he is the author of The One True God: A biblical study of the doctrine of God.


Paul Washer on March 20th, 2017 suffered a heart attack while he was at home and before be was rushed to the hospital for treatment, his heart stopped beating on three several occasions. As a result of this attack, he also suffered a temporary loss of short-term memory.

It happened that on that faithful day, without warning he fell unconscious to the ground in his kitchen and couldn’t recall anything not untill after 5 days.

He experienced days of pain while at the hospital but the doctors and nurses gave him the needed care and granted him the opportunity to share the message of Christ as well as gospel literature to as many as he can while he was still hospitalized.

Paul as much as possible endeavoured to stay healthy as he made it a habit to work out four times a week and stay on a strict “heart healthy” diet even before the attack since it was discovered that heart attack was hereditary to him. Almost all the men in both sides of his family died as a result of heart issues including his father.

After several days in the hospital, he was discharged and he went home where he spent most of his days rehabilitating, reading and writing to get more better and stronger to finally be able to carry on the ministerial assignment. His family never failed to give him the needed support and encouragement including the members of his ministry. 

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