Morrison Healthcare is a foodservice company that is specialized in healthcare. They work towards offering a proven platform for driving consistent results, easier implementation, increased savings, and improved outcomes.

With more than 65 years of experience, Morison is armed with the right tools, technology and programs to improve patients experience through the power of food and also boost the physical and emotional health for patients, hospital staff, and guests while improving patient satisfaction scores and increasing reimbursements with the nation’s top healthcare foodservice specialists.

As a foodservice company, they work towards changing the perception of hospital food, passionate towards life’s flavor, Morison prepare dishes that excite the senses and restore the body, all in a bid to enrich lives and enhance the well-being of patients, staffs, and customers.

Morison Health Advisory started in Mobile Alabama as a small restaurant that takes contract food service jobs late in the 1950s.

They focus on providing nutritious meals and dinning services to hospitals, educational institutions and businesses around that vicinity.

With time, it grew while still focused with the improvement of it’s food and services not untill 1990 when the business and education sector was sold. Morrison was left with 300 healthcare accounts across the US and that marked the birth of Morison healthcare.

Morrison healthcare in conjunction with Crothall healthcare, formed a compass one healthcare that provides food, nutrition and support services in more than 2270 locations.

It is a leading national food and nutrition service company that serves more than 975 hospitals and healthcare systems.

The vision of Morrison is to make it easy for customers to make the right choices and create personalized experiences that drive overall well-being, encourage a sense of community and simply do the right thing.

They are also out to enable people take ownership and work with partners that share this same vision.

The company has more than 51,000 engaged team members who are focused on delivering quality, value, and exceptional patient experience through specialized services and protocols in more than 2700 hospital and health system locations in 46 states.

There are also job opportunities where individuals can apply at Morrison Health Advisory.

One of which is applying as a SALES REPRESENTATIVE.

Health Insurance is no longer a matter of choice in today’s world but rather one which is vital.

Being a Sales Representative at Morrison Health Advisory, you’ll work with individuals, families, self-employed individuals, and small business owners to help them discover what health insurance plans work best.


Weekly Direct-Deposit

Monthly Residual Income

Merit Based Promotions

$70K-$130K First Year Income Potential

Leadership Development

Stock Sharing Programs

Every sales representative will be supported greatly. The company believes that their onboarding training will address all types of learning, which includes live and in office training, online modules, as well as various certification programs.

Through the utilization of these platforms, the company’s most accomplished sales professionals, will teach the aspiring sales representative their most effective formulas and work strategies that has lead to their success which will sure give you a headstart and a first class training.

With Morrison health Advisory, the health of individuals is greatly given attention to.


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