The Grand am Basketball Tournament, is usually an anually hosted tournament that aims at reuniting former UND players, a number of whom had played in the NCAA Division II teams and some who have helped in bringing out the relevancy in the Division I world almost closing in on a decade now.

Though it is usually a fun filled adventure, characterised by reminiscing on the events of the past, there still remains the competitive spirit, as members try to roll back the activities of the past decade. It’s just like awakening the pacy, flexible and agile you 10 – 15 years ago, and then it seems it’s not connecting through at least for the first few attempts.

However, it isn’t just the Adults alone that Grand am is meant for, the Junior Grand am Basketball Tournament is also an extension of Grand am, that covers for the younger ones upcoming.

So saying, the Adult and Junior Grand Am Basketball Tournaments in Grand Forks, are one of the Mid-West’s largest basketball tournaments. On the long run, space is usually limited, so interested teams are adviced to make plans to register ahead of time, in order not to be caught off the rich and exciting benefits the tournament offers. Teams are also encouraged to make hotel plans in the area as space can be very limited, especially registration begins in earnest.


Date: 04/01/2022 – 04/03/2022, Time: 12:00 am – 11:59 pm


Betty Engelstad Arena, One Ralph Engelstad Arena Drive, Grand Forks ND 58203.


For each game, there are different venues and sites allotted to each, as preparations are ongoing, these are most likely tournament sites to be used:

Betty Engelstad Arena

Central High School

Red River High School

Choice Health & Fitness

South Middle School

Rules guiding Grand am Basketball Tournament

To ensure a fair and serene atmosphere, throughout the tournament period, there has been an already published set of rules by the organizers to check and address misconducts from participants.

These rules include:

✔️ There must be a review on start times and venues, so as to let teams know when and where their first game will take place.

✔️ Captains of various participating teams are to check in at the Betty Engelstad Arena (where the tournament headquarters will be located), to find out the site of their team’s first game during check-in and pick up their team member‘s player passes so that players may arrive and enter facilities free of charge.

✔️ The rule of No player pass, No entry, still remains. If players are not bearing a player pass with them, they will be denied entry, until they have purchased a player pass.

✔️ Food & beverage policy should be reviewed ahead of time, in order not to be found disobeying or breaking them.

✔️ Parking rules still hold, for example, parking is not permitted in the UND Wellness Center parking lot located directly West from the entrance to the Betty Engelstad Sioux Center. If violated, UND campus police will ticket vehicles in that parking lot.

✔️ Participants are to remember coming along with their own athletic tape and first aid supplies (bandages, ice packs, etc.) as these will not be available at tournament sites.

✔️ Wearing jewelries of any kind, during play is not accepted, all players must take note.

✔️ Team members must appear in the same colour of shirt, with their numbers visibly seen on their backs.

✔️ Players must not hang or grab unto the rims, or nets at any time, because it will result to a technical foul.

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