Key Fitch and Claude Antoine, both came together in partnership to raise and establish a new 10,000-square-foot workout facility at 6198 N. Lockwood Ridge Road. This innovative was slated to replace their previous fitness centers, which was relatively small when compared to the new massive structure. Fitch’s was an all-women’s gym by name, Key 2 Life Training, while that of Antoine was The Sweatbox which focused on personal trainings.

Circle The Sun Fitness is a health club and fitness center open 24 hours everyday, that provides essential fitness services and amenities for the entire family. The health club is open for everyone to be part of. Circle the sun fitness health club offers over 70 training groups each week ranging from boxing, cross training, power lifting, seniors fitness, dance fitness, kids fitness, or HIIT boot camps. These training groups are structured in such a way as to keep our community motivated and committed to a healthier lifestyle and enhanced quality of life. All these have been designed with the intent of accommodating different people not minding their fitness level and schedule. So it is really a health fitness club made just for everyone.

The fitness club facility state of the art cardio machines, strength training equipments, training rooms, hydromassage, sound professional coaches, a 24 hour access/security system and many more, all speaks volume of what the health club is all about. The entire coaching staff is committed to providing the best customized program targeted at developing a one on one personal instruction and group training to increase the participants involvement and participation.

Our Mission at Circle the Sun Fitness health club

In simple terms, our mission is interwoven in the following lines:

To create healthier communities by providing the much needed services and programs designed to promote nutritional excellence, enhanced functional strength and awareness, and general mental wellness.


1 Year Membership

This is the most Basic membership that allows 24 hours access to the health club running through a 12 month duration.

This membership covers for all of these: machines, weights, hydromassage, tanning, quarterly nutrition seminars, monthly wellness presentations, FREE fitness app, changing rooms, lockers, one FREE small group training, FREE Circle The Sun T-shirt, FREE Saturday Kids’ training groups, discounts for family ADD-ons, and $0 Enrollment fee to sign up.

However, the culminated fee for participation goes for $30.

Month to Month Membership

This membership slot, allows 24 hours access to the fitness club only on a Month to Month basis.

The full package also runs through just as that of the 1 year membership, save that the culminated fee sums up to only $35.

Unlimited Access to all small training groups membership

This runs as a premiere membership that allows 24 hours access to the health club on A month to month basis as well as unlimited access to all of our small training groups.

All packages remains the same as that of the 1 year membership, as well as that of the Month To Month membership. The culminated fee for this membership goes for $149.


Ever desired getting great offers on Circle the Sun Fitness Corporate memberships for your employees, residents or other large groups? Then you have got to see this cooperate membership slot.

Basic Membership Comparison

Individual $40

10 or less employees $300

Over 10 employees $450

Group membership Comparison

Individual $189

10 or less employees $1000

Over 10 employees $2500

Personal Training

Understandably, we know there are persons out there who are new to fitness trainings, who wouldn’t want to draw attention to themselves, and as a result desire personal training sessions, that can make keeping fit and training look more natural and enjoyable to them.

That’s why personal training is essentially recommended for people who fall under this category.

At Circle the Sun Fitness health club, there are personal trainers assigned to meet the demands of those who desire their services. They achieve this by creating customized training sessions to accommodate everyone‘s scheduling needs as well as set fitness goals.

For better detailed informations, kindly shoot an email to


Telephone: 941.210.3662

For further inquiries, We are at 6198 N Lockwood Ridge Rd, Sarasota, FL 34243.


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