Globally, there’s been an unprecedented evolution in the manner of operation followed in business. With the fast-pacey domineering effect of technology and innovations, currently in force, the business world has sure never remained the same. Hence the ability to leverage upon existing technologies to meet and predict the changing needs of customers per time, and also find a way of meeting those needs is pivotal to the success of every business venture looking to stay relevant in today’s business world

Business Technology Management (BTM), is all about a link up in play between a well built and grounded business background pairing up with knowledge in information systems, project management, IT consulting and many more. It is a perfect scene of connecting and interweaving two worlds to have a leg up in today’s business adventure.

IT employees and consultants are greatly prized by all organizations, but moreso is their valuheightened when these employees know how to use and deploy the wide range of services made available by IT to solve business related problems. Regardless of the field of study in question, a thorough furnished understanding of BTM is enough to add the perfect touch of professionalism, to anyone’s career, making such a standout in the business world.

Business Technology Management as a Career.

In the light of the fore going, students interested in combining a passion for business with an interest in technology, have BTM all open to them, to make this highly coveted dream a reality. Students who fall under this category will learn about various IT management systems and how these existing technologies contribute to a company‚Äôs competitive advantage. With a certified knowledge in Business Management Technology, you can pursue a career in any of these.

. Business Analyst

.  Computer/Information Systems Manager

.  Database Manager

.  Information Systems Auditor

.  Project Manager

.  Technology Consulting Analyst

.  Technology entrepreneurs

.  Venture capitalists

.  Finance and technology analysts

.  Consultants in professional firms, marketing and business-unit managers for new products.

Essential skills required to excel in Business Technology Management Career

Aside the academic involvements that bound the Business Technology Management career, there also exists some technical skills one needs to have handy that will enable him/her excel in any profession undertaken under BTM. These skillset required includes:

Effective Communication skills

Interpersonal skills

Analytical skills

Creative problem-solving


Negotiation skills

Technical savvy

Project management skills

Business Technology Management is all about unveiling new opportunities that does exist in the business world, leveraging on new and existing technologies. Employers are looking to have a bunch of bright stars who are grounded in the knowledge of Business Technology Management. That alone makes for the Profitability in choosing BTM as a career. 

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