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We thrive on creative ideas and services that generate successful results.  We begin by listening, then we craft your requests into reality and we do this by providing first-class online and offline design.  We are absolutely love how design transforms lives and we’re driven by the unique possibilities that unfold during our design process.  So basically, we do all the hard work for you so you get to enjoy the fun bits.

Interior Design is making the best use of the available space.  Architecture is visual art and the buildings speak for themselves.
By Some Awesome Thinker

Our Approach

We are convinced that creativity is enriched by freedom so we don’t hold our design principles to one ethos as such however, the concept of ‘simplicity’ is certainly the common value that pretty much structures the backbone in everything we design.  Bold Fine Line provides easy access to design, saving you time and money.

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We have sliced and diced through our combined design experience, skills and knowledge and set out what we believe brings the most value to you.  We are continuely adjusting to better what we deliver – we are developing, and growing, and we enjoy connecting with you for positive change.


Hazel Yule

Hazel Yule

Director | Designer | yogi | vegan
Alessandro Reffo

Alessandro Reffo

Director | Principal architect | Designer
Could our next team member be you?

Could our next team member be you?

We are always happy to hear from talent.

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