Colour Consultation

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What is a Bold Fine Line Colour Consultation? 

Here at Bold Fine Line we consider our colour consultation a great pick me up for a tired room that’s in need of a little something, something and it’s also a great way to get stared on any interior design project.  This consultation is bespoke and offers something completely unique to you.
Perhaps you’re just not sure of which colours will best suit your room or maybe you are in the mood for a bold and dynamic change but you’re not feeling confident enough to make any final decisions.  Having an expert to advise you certainly makes all the difference.

We don’t just advise you, we provide you with a colour palette and two application options.  These solutions are based on our professional evaluations, knowledge and experience.

Your colour consultation is designed to inspire positive change within your home and can be considered as the perfect tool to help make design decisions.  The technology behind photo-spectrometers means it possible for many paint suppliers to match their own brand of paint to almost any colour you ask for.

Bold Fine Line’s Colour Consultation is also the ideal gift for someone who is moving home, getting married, preparing a room for a new arrival, a kids bedroom, an engagement, a cheer me up gift, going through break-up, a retirement, a birthday present, and just about any other occasion to help make memorable and extra special.

What do I get?

Firstly visit our shop and select your colour package.  After payment you will receive an a download link in an email to the address you provide at the point of purchase.  You will then get access to your Design Fact Finder consultation questionnaire and a step by step set of instructions.

The Design Fact Finder is a great communication tool between you and your designers.  Once you have filled it out, you send it back to us along with photos of your room.  Then we get to work.

Why is colour so important anyway?

Designers are often asked about colour.  In fact, probably the most common design question is, “which colours do you think would work best…?”

BFL Colour Consultation

Why do we get asked? – because we understand colour from both it’s scientific nature and it’s construct variables. Basically what that means is, each colour as it’s own properties and can be considered as a living component which results in many different outcomes when used and applied in different settings and we know which combinations work best to deliver the most optimum solutions.

-this is partly why a professionally designed room looks so much better.

Colour can play a large part on how you feel when you’re in a room.  For example you might walk into a living room feel like WOW this room is so charming or relaxing or comforting.

This is because colour communicates to your brain and your brain then signals out a related emotion.  Ok enough theory class for now.

How do we find the right colour palette and solutions for you?

Amongst our creative processes we observe nature and look closely at colour pigments.

We also take into account texture and pattern and study fabric and material.  And before making any design conclusions we try out many variations and options. Once we’re happy with our final selections, we then gather all the information to set out your colour palettes in the awesome, ‘Colour My World’ booklet.

This is our work and we love what we do.  Every project, every home is special to us – and your are too.  We look forward to working with you or visit our FAQ section for more info.