Best and Worst Bedroom Colours

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Understand a thing or two about the best and worst bedroom colours, means that you are one giant step ahead of the majority of clueless people.  So think of it like this, after reading this article you’ll have some essential knowledge to help you make a good choice.  Let’s firstly consider the main contributing factors that influence your decisions.

1.  Flavour of the Month

  • this is when you gravitate to a colour that you find particularly attractive.  And for you this colour might be bright, hot pink and for others it might be a shade of yellow.  Then again perhaps your preferred bedroom colours are based on your all time favourite – and generally speaking, if you like the colour blue and I ask you, “why?” You’d more than likely say something close to, “because I just do”.  And that is simply because colour has a psychological effect on such subtle layers that result in positive or negative effects.
best worst bedroom colours

2.  What’s HOT

  • now we’re talking to you trendy wendy – so consider whichever colours are seen walking down the hippest runways in Milan are those for your colour palette.  But take into account that trends come and go so whatever tickles your fancy from this years summer collection may not be what you’re into next summer.  BUT the good news is, a couple of cans of paint aren’t ridiculously expensive and this means making colour changes becomes relatively easy-peasy.


3.  Matchy Match

  • so this can actually make some of your choices a whole lot simpler because it’s selection by using key influencers that you can see around your room.  For example you might have a fantastic piece of art hanging on a wall that you absolutely love – so from that you’d pick out colours that create a palette for your bedroom.  Another way to do this is to use colour from your favourite accessories or perhaps a rug that you have on display.


4.  Copy Cat

  • in the theme of keeping things easy another way for you to decide on a fresh look for your interior design is to build a series of colour based on something that you’ve seen and really liked.  This is something you might have seen during a stay in an awesome hotel bedroom or perhaps in a magazine.  What you can do is take a photo or an image along to a paint stockist and use that as the main component for making your decisions buy your new colours.

Getting back to the best and worst bedroom colours

The worst bedroom colour you could choose for your bedroom is red.  YES, red is widely known for passion and romance however, it is an energiser which can stimulate the brain.  This means it has the power to disrupt your sleep pattern and in the worst case scenario causing insomnia.  Poor sleep quality is exhausting so it’s best to avoid red – bright, tomato red.

And now for the best bedroom colour you could choose …drum roll please – it’s soft, light blue.  This is especially effective because of the qualities it invigorates, promoting calm and serenity whilst raising your intuition.  Adding light blue into your bedroom creates and environment that produces a better condition for sleep.

So there you have it.  We hope that information will help you create a fantastic new interior design look and feel for your bedroom.  And if you’d like us to help you, visit your colour consultation article for more info or take a look at the online package that’s been lovingly created for you to enjoy the many benefits.