Thank you for stopping by the about section – we are happy to introduce you to the founders and developers of Bold Fine Line; Alessandro Reffo and Hazel Yule – here’s a little info…

Bold Fine Line was no accient – it was clear to both Alessandro and Hazel from the onset that their combined skills and their matched desire to create beautiful design for clients would be the glue to set solid foundations for their collab.

Working through many possibilies and examining all outcomes, to boldly redefine the client/architect/designer relationship is what makes Bold Fine Line design packages cost effective and sincerely beneficial.

About Bold Fine Line Hazel – BSc hons intdes

Determined to do great work, Hazel hustled her way internationally through a fantastic career, and over many years enjoyed being part of projects of extraordinary vision.  Deeply grateful for having worked with super talented people, she considers herself fortunate for all the experiences; the good, great and the challenging.

June 2011 was exciting – Hazel quit her (dream) job in Dubai, and although it was sad to say goodbye to the design team(s) and friends, it was time to follow what was burning inside of her to do, so she moved back to the UK and set about creating a design platform that would connect people.  And to do that, she needed a website so she built one from scratch.

Interior Designipedia January 2012 rocketed, and began it’s successful online journey, socialising and sharing key principles of interior design and architecture with a great community of people.

About Bold Fine Line Alessandro – ARB Arch

Having grown up in his father’s architectural studio in Italy, Alessandro began working on technical drawings at the age of 14.  And today, his work is infused with fundamental design principles and a passion which can be clearly understood in the outcomes of whatever he puts his creative mind into.

His large appetite for architecture, design, photography, music, tech and pizza, definitely makes him the guy you want on your design team and the pizza eating team too!  His knowledge, experience and contagious personality abounds and bedazzles.

July 2013 was the beginning of change for Alessandro – he began sowing the seeds for a new way of working so that he could reach more people in need of his creative skills and abilities.  Merging his Studio AR with Interior Designipedia, Bold Fine Line has become the successor for online architecture and design.

Hazel Yule with Mano
Alessandro Reffo

Hazel said: You see, from a young age I understood colour, texture and shape were exciting tools. As far back as I can remember, these tools inspired me to make things; artwork, dolls clothes, cards, crafts and I loved it. I did it for fun. I still make things for fun and having sharpened my tools, what I do today at Bold Fine Line and in all other areas of my life, is an extension of that.

Alessandro is an Italian architect, designer and lecturer with 14+ years professional experience, working on global projects and coordinating buildings and spaces from inception to handover. Passionate about all design, work is skillfully developed from 2d sketches to digital format and 3d visualisation. In addition, Alessandro designs and self produces custom furniture.

About Bold Fine Line

Isn’t it amazing how the right people seem to show up at the right time?  Ahhhhh *take a moment.  The collaboration between Alessandro and Hazel in 2013, seen well thought out ideas develop, and in the summer of 2015 Interior Designipedia had evolved along with Studio AR, into Bold Fine Line.

Along came January 2016, and with it Bold Fine Line thundered in making noise all over the place.  To keep up with requests Bold Fine Line work relentlessly and as things expand we adjust to stay ahead of trends and improve creative practices.

Here at Bold Fine Line, we develop design for all who are ready for transformation –  after all good design has the capability to make you happier, healthier and more successful.

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