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Directly from the comfort of your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, at a time that is convenient to you and with an affordable fixed fee – no hidden charges

We design for you
2 - We design for you

Our team of professional architects and designers will create a concept that is completely unique to your lifestyle and vision as set out in your personal Design Fact Finder

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3 - Download and enjoy

We do the hard parts and creative thinking so you can enjoy all the fun bits with a Digital Design Booklet that’s easy to carry around on any device

Architecture, Design & Lifestyle Evolution

Where Awesome Design & Stellar Solutions Meet

We began in 2012 as Interior Designipedia, an online, social interior design/architecture go to; and organically we evolved into digital design, interior design and lifestyle online packages.

We work worldwide with clients both online and offline and, most of all, we have a design and lifestyle solution that is perfect for you, at a price that is perfect for you.

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We realise you have your own ideas about style and because you are our priority, we create design solutions that best suit the direction that you want to be heading.

You actually become part of the team as we work towards producing a design package that is unique to all your requirements.

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We understand that your time and your money are big decision-making components.  Therefore, it is our commitment to you that we work within clear, set out parameters.

We provide an easy, straightforward workflow to design success, resulting in your happiness.


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For the believer that

Good Design means Great Potential

…we do too!

Benefit 1 – INVESTMENT : breathing life into your design package(s) is our job.  We take care of the creative thinking, then we do all the hard parts, so you can enjoy the fun bits of installation.

Benefit 2 – VALUE : our design fee is less because we work directly with you online – no need to schedule time out of the office for meet ups or charge for any additional costly expenses.  This money saved makes your design package(s) cheaper.

Benefit 3 – RESOURCE :  we work in collaboration with you, ‘the client’.  We are able to see potential that you could easily miss and this creativity makes our design process and outcomes extremely beneficial.


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We have evolved

Interior Designipedia has settled into a new home here at Bold Fine Line, where we continue to offer you lots of free design information and solutions for your own DIY projects – and this means DIY should be a lot less stressful.

1.   You’ll find content to support your DIY in the Interior Designipedia section and also in our blog.  So if you feel like making some all important design changes to improve your home then take the tour through the design style section, then there is the brand new visual table of contents to browse.

2.   Bold Fine Line inspires smart choices for your design projects.  Use our well-researched ideas, and information, to help you make decisions room by room – after all your environment helps support you to live your best life.

3.   And if you decide you’d like us to design for you – then great, all you have to do is tell us which design package suits you best and let’s get to it.

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